About Us

Our History

It all began on February 1, 1985…

…with a vision from Brian and Donna Schindler. Brian and Donna lived in Bluffton, Indiana with their two children, Tria and Jason. Brian worked as a salesman for National Oil & Gas. He began to notice the demand for convenience stores and how they were popping up everywhere! Brian and Donna decided to invest in a small, run-down garage on the southwest corner of State Roads 224 & 3. This multiplied into even more stores as time went on. Suddenly, that far-away vision became an American dream come true. It wasn't easy, but true entrepreneurship coursed through their veins to provide for their family and future generations.

Retirement came in 2010 for the couple, and the business leadership transferred over to the second generation, Tria and Jason. Both had been involved with the family business since they were able-bodied workers, developing the skills necessary to take over. Currently, the Crossroads Pantry brand operates three Northeast Indiana locations in Markle, Geneva, and Warren.

We like to think of Crossroads Pantry, Inc. as a prime example of "family owned and operated". Tria and Jason are in each store every week to make sure the family’s vision stays alive and well. As you visit the locations, you may even find the third generation beginning their journey through the family organization. We have managers at each location who understand the core values of Crossroads Pantry, Inc. and how to execute those values within their team and store. There are team members throughout the company who have been employed with us for years and have become a part of the family dynamic also. Through the well-established leadership of Jason and Tria, the valued dedication of the company’s team leaders and members, and the persistent blessing of our customers and supporters, Crossroads Pantry, Inc. continues to grow and thrive.

Our Mission

We consider our customers to be a critical aspect of who we are. Without them, our stores would not thrive. Our hope is to continue to always provide an inspirational, positive atmosphere of exceptional service that stirs a movement in others to do something extraordinary.